The Orchid

Long lasting and gorgeous. 1, 2 or 3 unique orchid...

from £35.00
The Esmeralda

This beautiful neat hatbox arrangement is the a perfect gift...

from £45.00
The Pow Heart Planter

A stunning, fun arrangement in a reusable heart planter crate. ...

from £70.00
The Basket

This beautiful basket arrangement is the a perfect gift for...

from £45.00
The Ravishing Rose Hatbox

The roses absolutely pop against the sumptuous black velvet hatbox,...

from £65.00
Wrapped Dried Flower Arrangement

A perfectly curated bunch of everlasting & all natural dried...

from £25.00
The Dried Bouquet in a Box

A stunning dried bouquet gift wrapped in a beautiful box.


from £35.00
The Harriet Hatbox

An elegant hatbox packed with pretty flowers.  Available in a...

from £45.00
The Jade Hatbox

A beautiful jade green hatbox bursting with gorgeous bright flowers!


from £55.00
The Lyla-Belle

Fun, unique and entertaining.  Named after our lovely niece who...

from £45.00
Dried Mini Bouquets in a glass

Adorable Mini bouquets, tiny hand held cuteness - designed to...

from £10.00
Luxury Candle with Gemstones

Beautiful, opulent candles with infused crystals. Soy Wax candle with...

from £20.00
The Hessian Bag

Our beautiful Hessian bags are bright, beautiful & easy for...

from £35.00
The Joy Bag

These bags are a perfect choice for an unwell or...

from £30.00

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  • Luxury Candle with Gemstones
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  • Deluxe giant candle
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  • Choice of Massage - Holistic Matters Sittingbourne
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